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Avionics Book and Tool List

Required textbooks for Avionics

  • Aircraft Radio Systems, James Powell
  • Federal Aviation Regulations - Handbook for Aviation Maintenance Technicians
  • Aircraft Inspection and Repair, AC 43.13-1A and 2A
  • General Radiotelephone Operator License Study Guide, Fred Maia and Gordon West

Required tools for Avionics

  • All tools and supplies listed in the core requirements
  • Alignment tool set
  • Allen wrench set (0.05 to 0.25 inch)
  • Exacto type knife
  • Flashlight (small)
  • Hex socket driver set (0.028 to 7/64 inch)
  • Hex socket driver set (#20 to #26)
  • IC Insertion/Extraction Tool
  • Nut driver set (1/8 to 1/2 inch) with thin-walled extensions
  • Sharp pointed tweezers

Books and/or tool requirements may change. Please wait until the first day of class to get exact requirements.

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