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SCC's Electronics Engineering program is one of the original programs dating back to when SCC was founded in 1967.

The opportunities in this field are vast because the world we live in depends heavily on electronics. Consider for a moment: Our morning coffee maker uses electronics. New cars on our highways use dedicated computer circuits to control virtually every aspect of their operation. Many now have GPS navigation and communication systems to add safety and convenience to driving. Even the light in our homes comes from utilities heavily dependent on electronics. In virtually every field, electronics plays a growing role.

The graduate of SCC's Electronics Engineering program earns an associate in applied science (A.A.S.) degree with a special emphasis on one of five areas. Each option requires seven quarters of training. The first five quarters include core classes taken by all students. The sixth and seventh quarters allow the student the flexibility to specialize in an area of his or her interest.

SCC's Electronics Engineering department offers five program options:

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