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Culinary Arts

The Inland Northwest Culinary Academy (INCA) at Spokane Community College offers a two-year Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in culinary arts. We prepare graduates for work alone or as part of a team in a wide range of positions in the culinary industry. Fully accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation, our program is equal to top programs across the United States. Coupled with a year of field experience and active ACF membership, this degree earns a graduate "Certified Culinarian" - which is the first step leading to Master Chef.

Inland Northwest Culinary Academy (INCA)

The culinary arts field is creative and people-oriented, but cooking is also a business. To be successful, you need expertise in budgeting, purchasing, public relations, personnel management and menu planning. At SCC, our ACF-qualified instructors teach both the art and business of professional cooking and service.

American Culinary Federation Education Foundation


The mission of the Culinary Arts Department of Spokane Community College is to provide students with technical training, professional management skills, and employment opportunities within the culinary arts industry. These skills are taught with an emphasis on teamwork in the workplace.

The Culinary Arts Department accomplishes the program mission by:

  1. Developing professional cooking skills commensurate with the American Culinary Federation certified cook program;
  2. Providing a balanced education in technical areas, academic skills, management, and baking and pastries. This is accomplished by placing students in a realistic lab training facility with an additional balance of theoretical exposure;
  3. Demonstrating high standards of sanitation, hygiene, safety, and professionalism;
  4. Assisting students in developing a philosophy of service;
  5. Assisting students with job orientation, opportunities for placement, and counseling for continued education in the hospitality industry.
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