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Communication Studies - Mission and Goals

Outcome Goal: Students who successfully pass Communication Studies coursework should improve their ability to create, organize, present, and adapt effective verbal and nonverbal messages for diverse audiences. In addition, they should improve their ability to listen actively, comprehend, and efficiently synthesize verbal and nonverbal information.

Mission Statement:

Communication Studies focuses on developing students' comprehension of the relationship between messages and audiences in many different communication contexts. These include intrapersonal, interpersonal, small group, public speaking, and intercultural settings.

Relationships depend on the ability to create shared meaning. Communication competence enhances relationships and lives. It is difficult to imagine any human activity untouched by communication.

Communication Studies courses promote a well-rounded education. Whether a student desires to transfer to a university, to complete an Arts and Sciences degree (A.A.), or to attain a professional/technical degree (A.A.S.), this discipline offers an understanding of the communication skills necessary to succeed in life. It helps to produce individuals capable of flourishing in a complex world.

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