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Communication Studies - Lois J. Roach Scholarship


Lois Roach taught at SCC for 22 years and was the founder of the Communication Studies Department. Lois was a much-loved teacher and colleague; she was an inspiration to those around her. She is remembered most for her courageous will as well as the ability to draw out the best in people. When she was diagnosed with polio and confined to an iron lung, she learned to walk again. Lois continued to inspire people through her confirming communication style. She taught private speech and piano lessons as well as working with stroke victims and hearing-impaired children. When she retired in 1990, Lois did not stop touching lives. She endowed a scholarship for Arts and Sciences students who have an interest in Communication Studies. Lois is no longer with us physically; however her spirit still inspires students today through this scholarship. The butterfly was her favorite symbol of change. It represents the ability to adapt to life's challenges. She believed in helping people reach their potential, just as a caterpillar changes into a beautiful butterfly.

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