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Business Technology
   Medical Transcription

Certificate, 69-71 credits, 4 quarters

Program Description

Medical transcriptionists listen to dictated medical information and, using the personal computer and word processing software, prepare medical reports for hospitals, physicians' offices, home health care facilities, and medical clinics. They may also edit reports that have been generated by speech recognition software.

This four-quarter program is designed to prepare the student for an entry level position in medical transcription through an academic study of anatomy and medical terminology, word processing skills, grammar and punctuation, spelling and specialized medical and surgical terminology, procedures and diagnostic tests.

A supervised practicum is done in a local health care facility in the final quarter. Upon successful completion of all program requirements the student is ready for entry level employment.

Students who successfully complete this program are prepared to:

  • Apply appropriate skills and knowledge to accurately transcribe work generated by medical offices, clinics, hospitals, and transcription companies
  • Proficiently transcribe hospital reports including history and physical examinations, consultations, discharge summaries, operative reports, pathology, radiology, and other ancillary reports, as well as office chart notes and procedure reports
  • Demonstrate editing skills to produce accurate reports that have been generated by speech recognition software

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