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Business Technology
   Legal Administrative Assistant

Certificate or A.A.S. Degree, 63-108.5 credits, 3-6 quarters

Program Description

A legal administrative assistant performs all general office duties including transcribing and formatting legal documents and business correspondence, filing, and law library maintenance. Legal administrative assistants also use legal terminology vocabulary, apply fundamental law office procedures and court rules, and maintain public relations skills when coordinated with other law offices and courts.

Average length of program

One and two-year programs have been designed especially for students who desire training for employment with a law firm or law-related office.

Students who successfully complete this program:

  • have the ability to spell, pronounce, and correctly use legal terms;
  • have the ability to write and accurately transcribe dictated legal material;
  • have an understanding of various office forms and documents;
  • have the ability to operate office machines, including computers, printers, automatic typewriters, transcribing equipment, and digital copying machines;
  • have the ability to organize and plan office work, and exercise leadership skills that make the modern employer-employee relationship a pleasant and successful experience;
  • are able to demonstrate principles of business management in a small law office;
  • are able to demonstrate an entry-level competence and knowledge of word processing and personal computers; and
  • are able to demonstrate language and human relations skills to enhance communications with other law-related offices and courts.

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