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Business and Management
Legal Nurse Certificate

This four-quarter certificate program is intended to be added to an R.N. A.A.S. degree.

If you are a licensed registered nurse with at least two years of nursing experience, this program provides training in the legal skills needed to work with law firms, hospitals, insurance companies and other entities involved in medically related legal work. You learn to apply your nursing skills and judgment to the legal arena through:

  • Organizing and reviewing medical records,
  • Performing medical and legal analysis,
  • Assisting in preparing a case for trial,
  • Interviewing clients and witnesses, and
  • Drafting legal and court documents.

The legal nurse program is approved by the American Bar Association.

According to the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, there are many career opportunities in insurance managed care, risk management, health care administration and tort, toxic, environmental and product liability litigation. Salaries range from $20 per hour up depending upon responsibilities, experience, skills, organization size and the student's motivation, attitude and ability to sell herself/himself at the interview. Legal nurse students might also consider becoming entrepreneurs!

Paralegal and Legal Nurse graduates do not receive a license to practice law, thus performing legal work directly for the public or giving legal advice directly to the public constitutes the unauthorized practice of law.


You may visit the Legal Careers page for frequently asked questions.

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