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Why should I consider a legal career?

Like any business, law firms achieve goals and conduct day-to-day operations in an organized, effective and profitable environment. In today's busy legal setting, attorneys are relying more on "trained specialists" to assist in providing outstanding service and cost savings to clients.

As a "trained specialist," while not admitted to the practice of law, you function as a vital part of a legal team. You perform duties requiring knowledge of various legal processes enabling a practicing lawyer to focus on more complex matters.

What does SCC offer?

SCC's Business & Management department offers four areas where you can earn an associate of arts and sciences (A.A.S.) degree or a professional certificate in specific areas of legal studies.:

How do I enroll?

Depending on the degree or certificate you plan to pursue, the prerequisites may differ. Therefore, it's critical to meet with the program coordinator and counseling department early to determine the best program and course schedule for your needs.

For example, acceptance into the paralegal A.A.S. degree program requires that you pass a college assessment test and satisfactorily complete specific general/basic education courses (all with a 2.0 or 'C' grade minimum).

In the other three legal studies areas, the program coordinator and counseling department will consider your previous work experience, other degrees achieved and accredited college course transcripts in determining whether you are accepted into a program.

Note: SCC also offers legal office programs through the Business Technology Systems Department.

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When are classes held?

Most classes are designed to accommodate students who work full-time. The majority of specialty courses are taught in the evening and/or early in the morning to complement a typical workday. Most specialty law courses are taught every other year, so it's important to register for those courses as soon as they become available in the quarterly SCC class schedule.

Careful planning is necessary to finish your legal studies coursework in as few quarters as possible. Once again, it's very important to contact the program coordinator to help you plan your course schedule early in your program.

Are intern opportunities a part of the programs?

An important component of obtaining your degree or certificate is working in a law firm (or other legal setting). This opportunity gives you the chance to work with legal professionals--exchanging ideas and comparing analyses--particularly as your legal experience grows. Permission and supervision from the program coordinator is required for an assignment.

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Where will I find a job?

Historically, law firms hire the majority of our graduates. However, career choices are constantly expanding and may include:

  • credit unions and banks,
  • real estate and title companies,
  • insurance firms,
  • hospitals and medical clinics,
  • government agencies,
  • law libraries,
  • court systems, and
  • corporations

These are just a few examples of employers now interested in hiring SCC graduates in legal careers.

In addition, our program coordinator works with an advisory committee to continually evaluate course content, matching employment demands for legal personnel with your skills training at SCC.

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What will I earn?

Locally, legal administration and paralegal wages can range up to $15.00 per hour depending on the scope of responsibilities and firm size combined with your experience and skills. Graduates with a legal nurse certificate can start as high as $20 per hour.

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