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Business and Management
Employment Opportunities

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Emploment Outlook Estimated Minimum
Entry Salary
SpokaneWA State
Accounting Assistant6 qtrs.excellentexcellent $10.00 to $13.00/hour
Accounting Clerk3 qtrs.goodgood$8.00 to $10.00/hour
Contact: Jeffrey Waybright, ext. 7391, Rick Street, ext. 7353, or Renee Goffinet-Meenach, ext. 7395 - These faculty will advise students.
Business Transfer
(Business Administration, Economics, Pre-Law)
6 qtrs. Although students can get jobs utilizing some of the skills they have learned, they need to complete the 4-year degree to maximize their earning power.
Contact: Doug Nelson, ext. 8902, or Jim McLean, ext. 7340
General Business 6 qtrs.excellentexcellent$8.00/hour
Business Occupations 3 qtrs.excellentexcellent $8.00+/hour
and up
Contact: Ginny Powers, ext. 7365
Legal Administration 6 qtrs.goodexcellent $9.00+/hour DOE
and up DOE
Contact: Ginny Powers, ext. 7365
Legal Nurse3 qtrs.goodgood $20.00+/hour DOE
and up DOE
  This is an American Bar Association-approved certificate. Students may be advised by Bob Loomis.
Contact: Bob Loomis, ext. 7470
Management6 qtrs.excellentexcellent$8.50/hour
Management3 qtrs.goodgood$8.50/hour
Contact: Ginny Powers, ext. 7365, or Greg Richards, ext. 8099
  DECA, our leadership management/marketing club, is an excellent add-on. Co-op work experience is required.
Marketing6 qtrs.excellentexcellent$8.50/hour
Contact: Larry Sullivan, ext. 7347, or Greg Richards, ext. 8099
Paralegal6 qtrs.good to excellentexcellent$9.00+/hour DOE
Paralegal4-6 qtrs.good to excellentexcellent$9.00+/hour DOE
  This is an American Bar Association-approved certificate. Students may be advised by Bob Loomis.
Contact: Bob Loomis, ext. 7470
Note:  Sometimes qualified paralegals can get their "feet" through the doors of firms by first assuming legal secretary roles.

Remember: Your skills, motivation, experience, attitude and ability to sell yourself at the interview can make a difference! Placement rates for our certificates and degrees range from approximately 75 percent up to 90+ percent depending upon students' goals and Spokane's local economy.

We recommend that you check for current career opportunities in Spokane.

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Contact:Ginny Powers
 (509) 533-7365 or 1-800-248-5644 ext. 7365

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