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Business and Management
Business Careers

Business Careers

Why should I consider a career in business?

It's been said that the business of America is business. Companies, large and small, need capable employees with a keen knowledge of strategic business concepts. Bottom-line, at SCC we offer you the education and training you will need to help launch your career in the ever-expanding world of business.

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What does SCC offer?

In SCC's department of business and management, you may choose from five options. There are three associate in applied science (A.A.S.) degrees available in:

  • General Business (accounting, computers, management, etc.)
  • Marketing (advertising, retailing, sales, corporate marketing, etc.)
  • Management (strategic planning, employee relations, administration, etc.)

In each of these two-year (six-quarter) programs, you spend the first year taking core classes such as accounting, business principles, computer literacy, economics, business math and communications. During the second year, individualized coursework is focused on your chosen area of specialization under the guidance of a faculty adviser.

Growth forecasts are very strong in the small business/entrepreneurial sectors. The A.A.S. business degree programs are designed to prepare you for the demands of small or large companies – or to start your own business. The choice is yours!

A one-year certificate(three-quarter) program is offered in:

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These fast-track options train you in specific, marketable skills with the goal of quickly entering the job market.

A two-year associate of arts (A.A.) degree program is available for students who plan to continue their business education at a four-year college or university. SCC has articulation agreements (allowing your SCC credits to transfer) with:

  • Whitworth University
  • Eastern Washington University
  • University of Idaho

SCC has articulation agreements (allowing your SCC credits to transfer) with:

  • Whitworth University
  • Eastern Washington University
  • University of Idaho

In addition to the core business classes, this option emphasizes liberal arts classes and advanced business concepts. It is definitely recommended for anyone pursuing a higher level position in the corporate world.

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Will I get practical experience?

Business Careers

In addition to classroom learning, there are three ways to gain more business experience:

  • Enrolling at SCC for cooperative work experience and seminars which enable you to earn credit and get paid for working.
  • Volunteering for a nonprofit or government agency where you will earn unpaid credit.
  • Participating in SCC's DECA lets you become part of an exciting campus club that offers hands-on experience in leadership training.

No matter what you choose, experience clearly counts – paid or unpaid – when applying for a job in business and management.

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Where will I find a job?

Because the business world is so broad and diverse, the more appropriate question may be, "Where do you want to work?" Here are a few positions you may be qualified to pursue with a business degree or certificate from SCC:

  • Marketing specialist or marketing manager
  • Store or department manager
  • Buyer or merchandise manager
  • Accounts receivable or accounts payable clerk
  • Sales representative or distribution manager
  • Customer service or telemarketing representative
  • Starting your own business!

Whatever your career goals are, SCC is here to help you achieve them! In addition, the SCC instructors work closely with a community advisory committee to continually evaluate program content, matching it with the job market demands in today's business world.

What will I earn?

The location and size of a company will have a significant impact on wages you can earn. Although entry-level jobs may start out at minimum wage level – add to the mix your education, work experience, on-the-job opportunities and determination – and you can advance further in a short period of time. It's up to you!

The earning potential of SCC graduates depends on many factors. Visit for salary information by position and location. How much you can earn depends on the kind of work you enjoy doing and the type of business career you choose.

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What other business degrees or certificates are available at SCC?

Please view our list of programs offered.

Diana Jenno
Diana Jenno
Development Assistant
Spokane Area Convention &
Visitors Bureau
"It took me twenty years to return to college, starting with SCC and more recently with Whitworth, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, with a 3.7 GPA. The greatest thing that prepared me for Whitworth was the business classes I took at SCC and the entire business department. Every day, still, I use concepts and lessons learned at SCC."
Special Note: Diana was SCC's DEC 1998-99 student of the year. She placed 3rd in the international marketing segment of the 1999 DEC national competition.
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