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What do people in accounting do?

People in accounting are record keepers for businesses and government agencies. Their work may include making bank deposits; recording checks, purchases, and vendor payments; billing customers; bill collection; maintaining inventory records; and sales. They may also prepare financial statements, tax returns, statistical reports, cost analysis, sales projections, and cash requirements for managerial purposes.

If you work in accounting, you are involved in the heart of a business. The accounting staff deals with the organization's finances and provides managers with information they need to make good decisions. Prospective accountants should enjoy working with people as well as with numbers. Since they must communicate information to others, accountants also need good reading and writing skills.

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What does SCC offer in accounting?

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SCC offers an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in accounting. The program trains students for all areas of record keeping and offers an emphasis on computer applications to make its graduates more marketable.

The A.A.S. degree program is not designed to transfer to four-year colleges or universities. However, SCC also offers a two-year Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree for students who wish to transfer. The A.A. degree consists of liberal arts classes and includes the first few accounting courses required at four-year schools. This is the program certified public account (CPA) candidates would enter.

What if I begin the A.A.S. degree program, then decide to pursue a four-year degree?

If you have been taking classes in the A.A.S. program and then decide to pursue a four-year degree, contact your business counselor or your accounting instructors so they can assist you in tailoring your coursework toward a transfer degree.

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Can I complete the A.A.S. accounting program in six quarters?

Full-time students with good reading and math skills have little trouble completing the coursework in six quarters. If you need refresher courses in reading, writing, math, or study skills, they are offered each quarter at SCC. However, plan to complete these courses in time to begin the accounting program fall quarter.

Contact your accounting instructors during your first quarter for help in planning your curriculum.

What classes will I take in the A.A.S. degree program?

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The accounting curriculum changes often in response to changes in the business world, but the types of classes you would take include college accounting, computerized accounting, payroll, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, business communications, speech, economics, business law, and nonprofit accounting. Specific course information is available from your counselor and the SCC Business and Management Department.

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How much will this program cost?

The SCC accounting program is affordable. A year's full-time tuition is less than other educational institutions in the area. Books, supplies, and lab fees run from $150 to $300 each quarter. Tuition and other costs are subject to change. Please call (509) 533-7391 for current information.

Is there any financial help available?

There is a variety of grants, loans, scholarships, and work-study awards available to students. Financial aid is on a first-come, first-served basis. To get the best financial package, start early and work closely with SCC's Financial Aid office. Call them at (509) 533-7017.

Is there a demand for accounting graduates?

Accounting (Photo) "The SCC accounting program gave me the skills I needed to begin my career. The instructors really care about how students are doing. It helped my self-esteem to see that I could do something and do it well."

Jan McCowan
SCC Accounting graduate
Bookkeeper, Pinnacle Investigations

According to recent projections by the Washington State Employment Security Department, the employment outlook in accounting is expected to remain strong. SCC placement data shows that graduates who want to work find jobs in accounting.

For more information on job placement, consult SCC Workforce Education and Career Services.

Where can I get an accounting job?

Since the accounting field is so broad, graduates of this program will find job opportunities ranging from small, one-person offices to large industrial corporations and government agencies. Job titles include accountant, inventory clerk, bookkeeper, accounting assistant, cost accountant, and office manager.

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How much will I earn?

Recent graduates of SCC's accounting program have received entry-level salaries of $18,000 to $24,000 per year. Wage increases often depend on an individual's professional attitude and job performance. Those who wish to advance into management positions in accounting should complete a four-year degree.

Note: All SCC accounting classes meet in Old Main (Building 1) on the SCC campus.
Consult SCC's interactive online map system for campus maps. SCC's campus map is available on the CCS site.

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