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Aviation Maintenance Technology


The SCC aviation maintenance program's greatest strength is its instructional personnel. The department has assembled a staff from the most informed people in the aviation maintenance field. Experiences range from airline and helicopter to extensive general aviation aircraft rebuilding.

Wayne Anderson (photo)

Wayne D. Anderson holds the position of powerplant instructor. He worked for Alaska Airlines for 10 years and is well versed in reciprocating and turbine engines. Wayne holds a commercial pilot's license with instrument, multiple, floats, glider, and A&P. He graduated from SCC's A&P program in 1971.

Karl Bawden (photo)

Karl Bawden instructs the general portion of the aviation program. He has worked for Boeing Aircraft as an engineer and as a mechanic/supervisor in general aviation for 20 years. Karl graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology. He holds a current A&P and IA, and he is the designated mechanic examiner for the FAA.

Raymond Thomas (photo)

Raymond Thomas teaches in the Airframe portion of the Aviation Maintenance program. Raymond's experience include extensive general aviation, major rebuilds, engine and airframe. Raymond graduated from Big Bend Community College. He has been an Airframe instructor at SCC since 2006.

Ray Thurman (photo)

Ray Thurman is the Instructional Technician for Aviation Maintenance. He is also in charge of the tool room in the aviation program. He controls the purchasing of tools, supplies, and airplane parts for the students.

Richard Mac McLaughlinRonny Jessick (photo)

Richard "Mac" McLaughlin Richard "Mac" McLaughlin is an instructor for the General portion of the program.

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