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Avista/SCC Lineworker School
   Course Description

Participants will learn the skills and knowledge required of a line crew helper. They will learn to set and climb poles, install crossarms, hardware, line, and transformers. They will learn how to use various tools and equipment of the trade through actual field experience. Overhead and underground construction practices will also be taught along with associated subjects such as basic electricity, transformers, etc. Classroom training will cover safety, electrical theory, interviewing skills, and the importance of attitude and teamwork to succeeding in today's work environment. Participants will be exposed to classroom instruction along with physically demanding outdoor construction work in varying weather conditions. Students will be assigned to crews for the more demanding tasks and for actual crew experience. Safety and teamwork will be stressed throughout the course. Participants will be expected to become accustomed to heights while pole climbing and to complete a variety of tasks while on the pole. The typical day starts with three to four hours of classroom work such as safety briefings/tailboards, electrical theory, math, and interviewing skills. The rest of the day is spent in the training yard doing hands-on training.

The line construction trade requires an extreme physical fitness level, hard work, and commitment both mentally and physically. Students must be able to work under pressure and make quick, sound decisions. The trade sounds fun and looks cool, but it is extremely dangerous. Lineworkers put their lives and the lives of their coworkers on the line every day.

Attending and completing this program does not guarantee any type of employment, nor does it guarantee employment with Avista. For applicants who are willing and prepared to travel outside the Northwest, placement is good. Many construction line contractors and utilities hire our graduates throughout the country as entry-level ground worker or apprentice lineworker. We prepare our students with interviewing skills and numerous employer contacts.

Please note: You must be willing and prepare yourself to travel outside the Northwest for employment.

This program will assist you in obtaining a Class A CDL, First Aid/CPR card, Flagging Traffic Control card, and Forklift certification. These are NOT required for acceptance into the program.

This is NOT your typical college course. Students are expected to be in class every day just as they would be present at a job site. Tardiness and absenteeism are NOT tolerated. The class is very fast-paced, and missing one day or partial days puts a student too far behind in course work to catch up. Training is four months (78 days, 624 hours instruction time) divided into three steps. The course runs Monday through Friday, eight hours per day, with academic and skills training. Homework will be assigned. Testing and certifications may require some evening and/or weekend scheduling.

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Avista/SCC Lineworker School
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