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Photos from SCC's 2006
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High Performance Classes from
SCC's Automotive Department

Spokane Community College has started a high performance class in the automotive program. This is a 16-credit course. It will be offered during summer quarter and can be taken after the completion of an A.A.S. degree or equivalent. You can also take this class with the completion of basic drivability, electrical, and engines classes with the approval of the department chair.

Catch a glimpse of the class!

Topics Included:

  • High performance engines, parts, and accessories
    • Cylinder head design flow
    • Camshaft selection for specific engine use
    • Matching parts from carb to pan for the right combination
  • Chassis dyno operation using industry standard Mustang dyno with wide-band O2 sensor
  • Dyno tuning - carburetor systems and fuel injection systems
    • Carburetor operation and tuning, jets to air bleeds
    • Engine management systems and tuning for fuel injection systems
  • Nitrous oxide system operation, installation, and tuning
    • Installation with respect to the safety features that should be used
  • Supercharger system operation and dyno tuning
    • Proper sizing for the purpose
  • Turbocharger system operation and dyno tuning
    • Proper turbo sizing for the purpose
  • Fuels and fuel systems for high performance engines
    • Proper fuel systems for engine compression
  • Ignition system operations
    • Aftermarket ignition systems including rev limiters, window switches, and other safety devices
    ...and much, much more!

Special thanks to the class sponsors:

Shelley Performance & Dyno Center, Spokane Valley WA

Motion Auto Supply

For more information, please contact guidance counselor Ric Villalobos at (509) 533-7356.

For more information....Instructor:
Contact:Jeff Rogers
Phone: (509) 533-7167 or 1-800-248-5644 ext. 7167

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