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Basic Math and English Tutoring Services

Tutoring (photo)

Students may enroll in developmental courses in math or English upon the recommendation of a counselor or faculty member. Lab format classes in math and English are offered to improve skills in a one-on-one setting. They are:

  • English 98 Writing Lab (variable credit, pass/fail) helps students write college-level paragraphs, with thesis statements and supporting details. The course is five units in length, and a credit is awarded for each unit completed. Writing Lab is pass/fail. A student may earn up to 10 credits total in English 98.
  • Math Center 1 (MATH 020, variable credit, graded) is a five credit review of basic mathematics (fractions, decimals, ratio/proportion, percents, etc). Students earn variable credits (1-5) based on units completed and receive a decimal grade.

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