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Apprenticeship and Journeyman Training Center

About Apprenticeship in Washington State

Apprenticeship is an age-old way of learning something new which has proven successful over the centuries. Apprenticeship can lead us into the future with a highly skilled diverse work force. Apprenticeship offers several unique benefits:

  • You "earn while you learn" - making a living wage with health care, retirement, and other benefits while learning skills in a trade.
  • Wages increase progressively as your skill level increases by learning the trade both in the classroom and working under the guidance of a journey-level worker on the job site.
  • After completion of an apprenticeship program, your journey-level status provides an additional benefit of nationwide mobility at journey-wage scale.

Apprenticeship is not just a job, but a career choice and commitment. Once you have decided on a trade, apply to the Washington State-approved apprenticeship program in your area offering training in that trade. There may not be immediate openings in that program, and you may need to put your name on a waiting list. Apprenticeship programs usually only bring in new apprentices when there are enough jobs to keep all apprentices working. Some trades only accept applications at certain times of the year. Others require that you find a job in the trade before you are accepted into the program.

Apprenticeship is a rewarding but demanding choice which requires determination, commitment, attitude and physical conditioning to succeed. Because construction work is seasonal, if you choose a career in this field, you will need to stretch your budget in preparation for layoffs. You need to stay in excellent physical shape, and remain drug and alcohol free, even when you are not working.

For those who meet the challenges of apprenticeship, the rewards are substantial. A journey-level worker is guaranteed excellent wages and benefits anywhere in the United States. He or she is a highly trained, skilled worker whose qualifications are recognized and respected thought the industry. Apprenticeship is one of the best ways to acquire work experience and training to establish yourself in a career.

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